If you offer remote tuition please let us know using the Contact Us page and we will add your details to this page.

Dennis Wake

My name is Dennis Wake and owner of Woodturning Hartlepool.  I am an accredited woodturning tutor with the Association of Woodturners Great Britain.

 I provide woodturning tutoring sessions in the North East of England. The sessions accommodate from novice to intermediate abilities.

 My sessions are:

  • 2hr taster session this is more for the novice that is unsure if they are going to like woodturning and able to try before you buy. 
  • Half day which can be tailored round your needs tutoring either spindle turning or bowl turning.
  • Full day which can do both spindle and bowl turning and in all sessions what you turn you take home with you to admire.

 I am also able to do remote tutoring on a one-to-one session if the individual can set a camera up in your workshop and have a steady streaming ability so we can communicate with each other.

Woodturning Hartlepool
Chris Parker

As a full time Turner, artist, demonstrator & teacher. I enjoy being able to pass my knowledge onto others . My passion for this craft is as strong now as it was when I started. I enjoy texturing my turned pieces with various techniques from a simple wire brush to more advanced techniques, I like my pieces to be organic & individual. I find inspiration for my textures, forms from various places but most notably from the  ancient ceramicists.

 I offer online 121 and group tuition via the zoom platform and in person tuition in my shop.

We would agree upon the project and to ensure all participants and I have the same tools / timber and or accessories to complete the tuition in a safe and professional manner. Through prior arrangement we would determine your skill level, beginner / intermediate / experienced. There is a 1 hour minimum booking time but can be extended before the planned tuition or during if possible. Also you must have means to show me what and how you are turning / texturing i.e. correct camera position. You would be responsible for your own shop safety whilst participating in this online tuition and for the supply of your tools / timber & or other consumable mediums.

Pat Carroll

Over the years woodturning has developed into a beautiful and creative art form. With so many different styles of woodturning being practiced these days, there is an interest in looking outside the box of traditional woodturning.  I offer online tuition in bowl turning, spindle work and of course my main speciality, creating hollow forms. With texture and colour prevalent in woodturning today, let me show you how to take a piece of work to a different level with additional enhancements on and off the lathe. So, if you are a new comer to woodturning and would like to learn the fundamental basics or an advanced woodturner looking to try new techniques, please contact us at the email address below.

Please be advised students are responsible for their own technology and equipment. Camera views and internet connection must be adequate to receive the online tuition. Students must adhere to all safety requirements, i.e. Safety glasses or face shield, dust protection.

Topics covered

  • Safety in the workshop and at the lathe
  • Seeking inspiration
  • Tools and equipment
  • Timber selection
  • Mounting and securing work on the lathe
  • Chuck versus faceplate
  • Spindle turning
  • Bowl turning
  • Hollowing
  • Piercing
  • Pyrography/carving
  • Power carving/texture
  • Colouring
  • Sanding
  • Finishing
  • Importance of cataloguing your work
  • Displaying your work
  • Photographing your work
Kade Bolger

Kade Bolger, Woodturner Designer, Artist, Teacher, Demonstrator and Wood Sculptor, Kade Bolger, is mastering sculptural carving techniques as he hones his artistic imagination. His unique sculptural style focuses on the story that each piece of wood tells. He examines, identifies and plans a working path to highlight the unique characteristics of the wood then brings it to life in the form of functional sculptural art.

Kade’s wood education began as he carved with his Irish grandfather. He admired the art in beautiful wooden sculptures.

Individual, Club and Group demonstrations are offered through zoom on a regular basis.

TUITION Woodturning 101 – Not offered at this time due to COVID Restrictions – This class is done in person only.

Interactive Remote Demonstrations – $12 CAD per person, please download ZOOM as a platform in order to watch the IRDs. All ticket holders will receive the recording for 30 days of viewing.

Personalized Individual and Club Demonstrations also available. Wig Stand Workshops – A few times a year I offer complimentary Wig Stand Workshops to those who would like to support their local Cancer Support Centres.

If you have done a 101 Class in the past or have basic lathe knowledge, I can offer one on on Tuition through ZOOM. In order to do the ZOOM classes, please download the free basic zoom app, you will require a camera on the lathe and streaming ability for easy communication.

Philip Greenwood

Online Course and in person Courses.

 Philip’s courses are tailored to the needs of the individual no experience needed, or if you already have experience and just want to brush up on your techniques or expand your skills, he can tailor the course to suit.


The advantage online type of learning is a problem can be solved easily and quickly by booking a short session. Ask questions about your problem and I will answer your question or show you the how to overcome your problem. The session will be recorded, and a link sent to you to view for 30 days so you can view the technique over and over.

This can be from 30 minutes to 2 hours. All you need is a means of connecting to Zoom. I will send a link via email, and you just click the link to connect to my workshop.

In person

Half day course 

A  3 hour course  to suit your needs. This can be what equipment is needed to sorting out a turning problem.

1 Day course 

This can be an introduction to woodturning, looking at the equipment and tools you need. The day course can also be tailored to sort out any problems you may have. Learn to turn a bowl or a spindle. You will make one item  to take home.

2 Day course 

This will lead on from the first day, learning more techniques, and time to produce more items to take home with you.

Any questions please contact Philip